We constantly keep a reserve space in the amount of 50-70 devices in our DCs.

We host from one unit of miners, without restrictions on the maximum number of devices.

We conclude a contract of paid rendering services and the acceptance report.

You may chat with our technical support during working hours to find out the status of the miner, solve issues with pools, repair or upgrade of components, payment, etc. You may also contact us by e-mail or phone.

Our qualified staff is always ready to help you.

The monitoring system allows you to solve problems with availability and make appropriate adjustments to the settings of miners, thereby qualitatively influencing the process of device performance. It is important to consider the process of updating the system, keep a record of the settings made and have access to the device from the pools to prevent downtime, incorrect operation of devices, etc. We kindly ask you to warn about modification on GPU miners or devices such as ASIC, such as-switching to another pool, mining algorithm or currency, as well as the exposure of certain settings for coolers, boost etc.We are not responsible for miners’ ustable work, the settings are made by the user. In addition, when problems arise, we try to quickly find a solution and are faced with two-factor authorization on the pool or a changed password to log in to the account, this complicates and slows down the process of solving the problem. Therefore, please do not make changes in settings on miners and accept authorization on the pool only by login and password.

We use Prometheus – the multifunctional monitoring system, and Grafana – the analytics platform for all your metrics to allows you to query, visualize, alert on and understand your metrics.

Miners downtime are accounted for bill by our Customer Department. You may also fill out an application for recalculation and send it to the company’s e-mail for consideration by management.

We have a prepayment system. The bill for the next month must be paid before the 30th of the current month.You can also pay the bill in advance, from one to three months of hosting. The bill may be ordered in the Customer Department by calling or sending an e-mail request.

The MineFactory uses 3 levels of security:

1. Network infrastructure

Recently the second-hand miners use a firmware with a malware. Our network is built on the basis of Cisco devices, a separate VLAN is allocated for each client, which is not connected to other clients in any way, which guarantees complete safety of the miners.

2. Primary diagnostics

The equipment is pre-tested for malware and the current version of the software is installed.

3. Firmware

We have our own firmware, which has a number of additional features and antivirus protection.

We cooperate with suppliers of mining devices, and we have promotions and discounts when hosting purchased. Please contact us by phone or e-mail for the details.

For any questions you may contact us with e-mail: info@minefactory.moscow or by phone: 8-800-511-09-58

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